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Two Pages exhibition is an account of the Two Pages Project by Konstantinos Trichas and Dionysis Livanis, an artistic collective based in London. The project is a series of sketchbooks, each given specific topics/questions, that are passed from artist to artist, illustrator to illustrator, designer to designer in different cities of the world.

Konstantinos Trichas and Dionysis Livanis merge creative practices (be it writing, curating, drawing) and trigger an international exchange of thoughts and techniques. They decide on the topic of each sketchbook, select the city and the first person to receive the task (who will, in turn, decide upon the next receiver), then seize control of the sketchbook’s journey. According to Konstantinos Trichas, there is a sketchbook that was launched in 2015 and hasn’t yet made it back.

Two Pages exhibition is an opportunity to see the selection of artists, designers, and illustrators who participated in the project. Just like the project, the exhibition is ephemeral and its location, Silo Auto, somehow adds to this nomadic spirit.

Silo Auto, conceived by architects Alberto José Pessoa and João Abel Bessa, is one of the three Modernist garages built in the center of Porto. Originally, it was intended to serve as a place for parking and leisure: the project proposed by the architects included a restaurant at the top floor and a hockey ring.

Today the building belongs to the Porto City Hall and is most known as a parking lot.

Porto Lazer is currently developing a strategy of invigorating Silo Auto: the place hosts Porto Flea Markets and englobes a Vertical Gallery, an open-space exhibition space accessible to all public. The exhibition currently on view, exposição/variação nº2, was curated by Luís Albuquerque Pinho and Luís Pinto Nunes and is a study of form and rhythm in contemporary artistic production. The exhibition can be visited until June 25th.

Porto Lazer, in partnership with the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto, proposes free guided tours to exposição/variação nº2  on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings that can be booked through e-mail ( or telephone (225192403).

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