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Crédito fotográfico: Patrícia Matos, Diana Cerqueira Magalhães

Located at Storyboard Cafe, Rua do Mouzinho, Plankton is an exhibition/ publication curated by a consumer and a scholar, Patrícia Matos. Having experienced alimentation from the angles of a cook, Patrícia Matos introduces the concept of PLANKTON as litmus test of wellness in our society, assuming that we are what we eat and we eat what we are. The curator has invited 13 artists to reflect on what they are in terms of food and what is food in terms of art.

The result is the black and white publication where each chapter is dedicated to an artist/critic to demonstrate their interpretation of PLANKTON. To “follow the recipe”, these pages are transformed into the present exhibition where pictures and lines gain dimension and “flavor”, as Patrícia Matos says, and are artworks of rich variety of mediums, starting from video, photography and audio installation.

The sound of installation by Márcio Cunha invades the space. Curiously, it almost synchronizes with the movements in a video performance of Rebecca Moradalizadeh, artist who finds inspiration in exploring her Iranian origins, particularly through domestic rituals of cooking. The Dancing Box of Nikolai Nekh is hauntingly captivating.

Warm wine and the smell of spices accompany the space and it is curator’s intention to keep it that way until the end of the exhibition on December 10th. On the ground floor any visitor can request to purchase or look through the pages of PLANKTON publication and only then witness its physical incorporation. It is a little bit like cooking book for the soul.