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When I imagine my life in the future I instantly start thinking in English, but I do not think I do it on purpose. I probably do it because I imagine myself somewhere far away, and by thinking in the words of the universal language, in a way, I get closer to that impending foreignness.

Moreover, and I would believe most of you share this feeling, I have a need to see and live the world as much as I can. And that is not just travelling. I also need to live.

I will elaborate. Do you remember the first time you came to Porto? Most likely, you were only a child when you visited Porto for the first time with your family or school, and you only saw the Aliados, Sé or Clérigos, you were not portuense. However, through the 3 to 5 years you have spent studying here, your nose stops to smell the so familiar smells, your eyes stop to watch the so familiar streets, and you actually feel special with the city and its people. When all of this happens, you know you have not only seen Porto, you have lived Porto. And, therefore, it is time to move on.

Yet, you do not know where to go next, the world is so big, so where should you start? Do you just pick up your things and go? No, you cannot, because you live here now. That strange city you did not know a couple years back has become your home: you have studies or work, friends or family, routines and a comfort zone. And over there, where your mind is, you have nothing but the slick furniture of dreams, and if you sleep on a bed of foam, you will hit the ground. Rather, that does not sound so good, besides you have already known this place, you have already lived here, and it is good enough.

Nevertheless, imagine the city you wish you could live in, your flat, job, friends, and life. If you are truly able to picture this movie like scenario, you should be trembling by now, both with excitement and fear. You should be excited about starting anew, and giving your dreams another try. You should not, despite this, fear the little things to come or losing the little things you have here.

Why are we all so much afraid of change, while still craving it anyway?

To change is not to lose, is to make room for the things you do not already have, is to find out where you belong. To find out you belonged to Porto all along. Or, to find out you belong everywhere you are.

At any rate, I am sympathetic, I understand “it takes courage to live”, as they say.

Hence, which of us can do it? Anyway, I am going home now. But I ask you, Brave One, where are you going?

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